Author: GTE Group

May - 13

VVVF Replacement Commissioning

GTE group were called upon by a client to commission a replacement medium voltage drive for a conveyor system at short notice. The original medium voltage drive had failed with an input transformer fault and required immediate replacement. GTE provided…

May - 13

PLC Audits

GTE completed a comprehensive audit of a client’s PLC systems at their port and mine operations validating the logic for 21 PLCs against site change management procedures. A detailed report was prepared for each PLC detailing investigation findings and an…

Apr - 30

iba System

GTE engineered, installed and commissioned an iba data acquisition system at one of our clients’ sites. The iba system was integrated¬†with Allen-Bradley PLCs and Siemens Robicon drives on site to provide high speed data acquisition capabilities (as fast as 10ms)…

Mar - 26

Stacker Lubrication Unit PLC Integration

GTE completed the migration of 10 lubrication units across 2 stackers from standalone PLCs to remote I/O integrated to the main plant control system. GTE completed all PLC and SCADA changes, project documentation in including change management, testing and specifications,…

Feb - 11

Operational Support

GTE has provided operational support for one of our major clients for over two and half years. GTE provide a 24/7 call-out service to provide peace of mind to our client that in the event of a breakdown our client…

Jan - 26

Drawing As-building

GTE is currently working on a project to as-build the electrical drawings for the entire site of a client. The works include development of new drawing standards, rationalisation of drawings as well as site verification of the installation against the…

Nov - 26

Reeler Remediation

GTE developed a control philosophy and are now in the process of implementing upgrades to the control logic for cable and hose reelers for a client’s mobile machines to improve overall machine performance and reduce downtime. Type: Mining Project due…

Jun - 25

Citect Upgrade

GTE completed a Citect upgrade from Version 5.5 to Version 8 for a client in the food and beverage industry. GTE encountered a number of challenges with obsolete equipment but managed to work through them completing the upgrade during a…

Nov - 26

Protective Device Audits

GTE are conducting the protective device audits on balanced machines for a major client. These audits involve checking the operation of all instrumentation on the machine and ensuring compliance with AS4024 and AS62061. An audit report summarising findings and recommendations…